2013 Personal Highlights

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted but once again I’ve just had a lack of motivation to post on here but as soon as 2014 comes I will be back, for sure!

It is nearly Christmas which means it is almost the new year, last year I did a few of my personal highlights but this year has been so good there is no way I could put it down to a top 10 so I’m just going to go through each month – this is mainly for me to look back on and remember how good this year was for me despite the large amount of lows I had too, let’s get on with it!


Liam Payne followed me on twitter – This was the one thing that just started the year off for me, never did I think that would happen! I was just sat in the car as he was doing a follow spree and I’m not about that spamming life so I just kept following and unfollowing him and finally gave up, a few minutes later I looked on my phone to see ‘Liam Payne followed you’ – I thought it was a fake account but it wasn’t and you would think a follow is nothing but my hyperventilating proved that maybe it was something special!

Discovered 5 Seconds Of Summer – little did I know how much of an influence they would have on this year being amazing. 
Luke Hemmings followed – although I did not react the same way as Liam because to me 5sos are very normal boys, it was just quite nice before they got v famo. (He only had 47k now he has over a million followers, crazy). 

Take Me Home Tour round 1 – you can read all about that here!
Other little good bits from February include getting a tweet from Ashton Irwin but like I said, to me they are just normal boys it’s like talking to a pal. Although this was not a ‘highlight’ it’s stuck in my mind because I was freezing cold and I thought my toes were going to fall off – waiting to meet Little Mix, failed miserably, not a good day at all. 

March was a good month for Twitter for me, 5SOS band account had followed and tweeted me and Michael Clifford followed me after I was sending him funny tweets in a desperate plea for him to follow me, but did I even leave my house that month? 

Take Me Home Tour round 2 – this was INSANE, I was 6th row with my friend India and it was just crazy and it was so fun, I was so grateful for the seats I had because you feel at the heart of it all – just amazing. 
3 Calum Hood tweets and followed – he properly cheered me up that month he was so lovely and it was all in the space of like a week, I was like ‘are we pals yet?’. 

Final Take Me Home date (round 3) – this was my final TMH tour date and I was sat right up the top of the O2 it was so weird going from being 6th row a few days before but in a way it was so amazing to watch the crowd below and around me sing along to every song and I definitely welled up a lot, especially during Little Things because the crowd looked beautiful so I can imagine how it feels to be One Direction seeing that kind of reaction every single night. 
5SOS London Acoustic & meeting them – this was 5 Seconds Of Summers first acoustic show in the UK and it was so intimate and nice and then we got to meet them after and I was nervous but I have no idea why because as I’ve said before, they’re just normal boys! They were all really lovely and it left me super happy although my pictures did not, they were not very good. 
Other good moments of April were being interacted with even further by 5sos on Twitter, it made me realise what nice guys they are and how much time they put into their fans by interacting with their fans all the time. 

My brother got engaged! – this was a BIG moment of the year even though I always forget he is even engaged but I can’t wait for him and my future sister-in-law (that feels weird to type) to get married! 
5SOS London show – as always it was nice to see them live, they always put on good shows and it was the last show before they went back to Australia before they started the American leg of the TMH tour with One Direction, but the show was awesome and is a definite highlight of the year! 
This month was the last month of this year that I actually got interacted with by 5 Second Of Summer, but that just goes to show how much harder it is to get noticed because they’re getting so big and popular and I am proud of them, they’ve come very far this year! 

Left Sixth Form – yup, I did all of my A-Level exams and left education and that was just really weird.
Also this month we drove to our friends house and put a cheeseburger and chips on our friends car and just drove off, it was such a random thing to do but we still speak about it because at the time it was so funny BUT YOU HAD TO BE THERE – it was one of those moments. 

My 18th Birthday – This was a day I had been dreading because growing up scares me so much! But it was a really good birthday as all my life I have wanted an Apple Macbook and I got one and I was just so grateful, it became like my child that day. I was surrounded by family and that makes any birthday good for me! Although my mum and dad put up pictures of me all around the estate with ‘Happy 18th Shannon’, I was kind of fuming to be honest and I might have ripped one or two down. 
McFly at Stratford – STRESSFUL DAY. Me and my friend Libby went to Ipswich train station and stood there for about 4 hours because the lines were all shut as a man was stood on the roof of the station and it was such a bad start to the day but in the end we managed to finally get to stratford and were at the front to watch McFly and they proved to me why they had been my favourite band for 10 years! But they got cut off and Danny chucked his microphone into the crowd and I kinda wish I had been hit by it BECAUSE THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A STORY TO TELL? 

A Level results & getting into university – So all year I had been putting the idea of university out of my head because I just knew I wouldn’t get in but on results day I went onto UCAS and saw that I had been accepted into my firm and insurance and all I could do was cry because I wasn’t expecting it, I didn’t even get the grades to get in so I don’t know how I managed it. For days after I was just crying because I didn’t know what to do but I then chose to defer and I’m now super looking forward to starting uni in September 2014! 

One Direction This Is Us Premiere – We went down to Leicester Square on a Monday afternoon and that was going to be our home for the night, we slept on the ground, I fell over, I paid 20p a time to use the toilets, WHAT A NIGHT. The next day came around and we went into the orange pen and I was so pumped up like I thought this would be my moment to meet one direction but nope, it was definitely not because when you’re around crazy One Direction fans you just have no chance, I am still bitter about this day. I was so close to finally meeting them, when I say so close I mean centimetres away from them and all I came out with was bad selfies of me and the back of their heads. You can watch my time at the premiere in this video! Danny Jones was a complete legend that day. 

Reading Festival – One of the best weekends of my life, let alone year! Despite the disgusting smell of the toilets, the trek to find a place for our tent which left me wanting to just fall into the ground, not having a shower for a few days, people falling on our tent and having me on edge all night; it was the greatest weekend without a doubt. The line up of artists wasn’t my favourite but it was so good so that doesn’t matter. I got very merry during Green Day and that night will stay with me forever. I cannot wait for Reading 2014, bring on Blink 182 GAAAH. 


McFly RAH 10 Year Anniversary shows – you can read about my day here! and watch the video below! 
This month was the month my friends all went away for University and it changed the whole last few months of the year, it’s been weirder than I thought it would be but I still love them as much as I did before they left. It makes you appreciate your friendships even more than you already did! 

Road trip to Sheffield & Birmingham – Me and a few of my friends went up to Sheffield and Birmingham to visit our friends at their universities and it was so cool to experience ‘uni life’ for a couple of days, it gave me a little bit of a taste of what the fun part of university is like so I’m just that tiny bit more prepared for next year. It was super fun and met some nice people! 


McBusted announced their tour – This was not only one of my highlights of the year but it has also been one of the biggest talking points of the year, they’ve sold out so many shows and are constantly adding more dates and I was lucky enough to get tickets and I cannot wait! 
Welcomed 5SOS back to the UK – We went to the airport to welcome them back and it was so weird seeing how many people turned up to do the same thing, it is just so weird to see their fanbase and their popularity growing right in front of me. 
Met 5 Seconds Of Summer many times! – The ultimate highlight of my whole year was this, it was just the best month because I got to see my favourite people 3 out of 4 weekends in November and actually got to have conversations with them which is all I’ve wanted all year because to me they’re just similar teenagers to me, they like and do the same things…well I don’t tour the world and I’m not in a band, but you know! It was so cool to go to Warped Tour with my friend Libby and just see them strolling around and being normal people because that is what I like to see, although I didn’t bother them until we were outside and so were they, I wouldn’t have wanted to disturb them inside, me and my friend enjoyed the music as did they. I’ve wanted to go to Warped Tour almost all my life because it just sounds so awesome and it was and to speak to my favourite band after just topped it all off, it was seriously the best month just being able to meet the people that make me happiest when days are rough. 
5SOS Koko Shows – 2 nights in a row I saw them put on yet more amazing shows, the set list was just awesome and to see Luke sing a song all on his own and just watch the crowd sing it back to him was beautiful. The 2nd night we queued all day in hope of getting near the front and I was until some crazy people in the crowd were making it go mental during the support act which meant I went to the back but we had a sick time just having a little party by ourselves at the back and watching the boys do their thing on stage! 
That month I also met Dougie Poynter and that was quite nice to see him, the last time I met him was 2010 so it was a long time coming!

Not much has happened this month but I hope to have a lovely Christmas with my family and a great new year.
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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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