A Fresh Start.

Hi everyone!

As you may have gathered from the previous post, times have been a little tough lately. But here I am, ready to let the last few months go and start a fresh with life.

I realised my worth, again as I say was in the last post  – I’ve been so much more happier recently than I was in a very long time. This proved to me that maybe I wasn’t happy for a much longer time than I realised and God I’m glad I’m where I am now. They say everything happens for a reason and I’ve never believed it until now. I’m quite happy with the result of my absolute heartbreak and shite that I went through.

I’m here, in my cute little bedroom at my mum and dads house surrounded by cute little flowers and photos and I feel so warm and happy now. I hadn’t felt that in a long time.

I’m ready for a new start and a fresh outlook, a different future to the one I thought I was going to have. I may go back to university, I may go and get a sweet new job, who knows! I’m just excited to give myself a chance, focus on me and look forward to all the good things.

I’m not dwelling on the past one bit, that is something me, a few months ago, would never have thought I could do.

I’m going to start blogging a lot more (I’ve said this a billion times) but really, I am! I can’t wait to sit down at my sweet little desk and just write and write, I love blogging and always have done. I’m going to reignite Vicious Prints and get some new items on there which I am very excited about! And I’m just going to keep focusing on my recovery and all the good things in life.

What kinda posts would you like to see?! Continue to see posts like these, real life feelings and progress? Or others? Let me know I’d love to have al little chat.

I’ll be back as soon as possible!

Lots of love xo

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