A Lil’ Catch Up…

Hey palz,

Been a while hasn’t it, my bad! I don’t even know why I have abandoned this blog but I’ve not been very motivated and had no idea what to even write about, my friends seem to think my tragic life would be a good start – I might take their advice. I thought I’d do a little update in case anyone in the universe is even slightly interested.

  • I finished my first year at uni! I completed all my work, submitted everything and here I am bored off my tits. I’ve spent the last two days colouring in…how very adult of me.
  • I went to Scotland and Sweden over the Easter holiday and they were both sick and I got very merry in two new countries, well done to myself. I feel like I should have done a post about the both of them because both holidays were super fun. In Scotland we done a lot of stuff, more than I thought we would! We went paint balling which was an experience and I got hit in the arse and hit my friend in the arse, so that’s a success in my eyes. In Sweden we walked about, saw how beautiful the country is and one night got merry, went out, I spoke and complimented a dodgy looking hot dog seller outside of a club, so that was an experience.
Loch Ness with my 7 best pals!

In Sweden with a Swede and a German. 
  • I went to see The Vamps a couple of times, that was fun, Brad was dreamy. I also saw All Time Low twice in a weekend AND MET ALEX GASKARTH BLEGH. MY 12 YEAR OLD DREAM WAS FULFILLED AND MY FOREHEAD FLEW OUT WHAT IN THE DICK?!?!?! 
Hiding the dreaded forehead with Alex G x 
  • 5 Seconds of Summer came back for a little bit and I managed to see Ashton and he tapped me on the shoulder like we were old pals, little did he know I was very hungover and had puked 3 times that morning. Oops.
  • I bought a pinafore and it should be worldwide news because it’s beauts. 
I’m not sure what else has happened the past few months, definitely nothing of interest. 
I’m comin’ back ladz, I might even be hitting up YouTube but we’ll see. 
See ya x x x 

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