About Me

25 year old single, university drop out, who doesn’t know what the frick she’s doing and likes to blog about life. 
Hiiiii! If you’re new here then welcome, I’m Shannon. This blog has been around for a while, whether it’s regular or not is another question. I write a lot about my own personal mental health, initially this blog was made to be a platform for my future career (at the time I wanted to be a showbiz journalist, sigh) – but now I really do talk a lot about my mental health. I want to help myself and others and what better way than on the internet, duh?! I will talk openly and honestly about my journey to freedom and happiness, my recovery is a long one but I can’t wait to get there. I hope you will join me in sharing your stories and speaking out about mental health.
This is also taking a turn people, I am open about dating, life, sex, drugs (the anti depressant kind) and whatever your mind can think of. This is an open place. I’m figuring out life as a young, 25 year old woman finding my way in the world by myself. 

Life has changed a lot over the past few years so expect a lot of adventures. I AM A WOMAN NOW.