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Acceptance of your Mental Health

As I grow I am really learning to accept my anxiety for what it is.

I guess I would see it as a friend, a weird fucking friend who wants to destroy your life but you can’t let them go because they’ve been your friend for so long. So long that you don’t know what you would do without them, because they seem to act like they know what they’re doing, they’ve seen life in a different way and they want to keep you safe.

This is bullshit, they don’t want to do any of those things for you. They are like a jealous friend who sees that you have a really great life and they don’t have that so they want to destroy it for you so no one can be happy.

You seem to open your eyes and realise they are no friend of yours at all, they are evil and want to take all of the goodness out of you. What kind of friend does that?

I think looking at it that way really helps, you have to realise what anxiety is and what it is trying to do before you can accept it and move on.

So if you had a friend who was just nasty, you would eventually remove them from your life right? That’s what you need to do here. Remove the toxic things from your life.

It is all about acceptance.

Have a chat with your anxiety, sit it down, tell it you’ve had enough…even tell it that it’s a bitch and you can do better without them!

I realise that me telling you to sit down with you anxiety sounds nuts but…we’re all nuts here, in a good way. I’m telling you all to do this, but really I need to be doing this myself.

I find comfort in writing these posts, they really help. If there is one thing I recommend in the recovery of any mental illness it is to write! Create a blog, get a cute little notebook, just write and write and write your feelings away. Get them out of your brain and see it all in front of you, it really helps.

Anyway, back to getting rid of your awful friend. As I said, accept it for what it is and one day you will learn to forgive them.

Accept and forgive, forgiveness gives you a sense of hope that things can move on I feel. If someone hurts you, you grow as a person and one day forgive them and it makes you feel good that you know you have moved on.

But first, accept it! Whatever it may be and learn to move on from it. It will be hard, you will sometimes feel like you need it so bad because you don’t know what to do without it but you are your own person, not your mental illnesses.

Don’t be tied down…there’s plenty more friends out there to make!

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