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Hey everyone! 
Okay so,  my names Shannon and I am a Lushaholic….this is your cue to say Hiiiiiiiiii Shannon. 
I’m obsessed, every week on my day off I will stroll in there and get some new items and the staff seem to recognise me now which I don’t know if that it is lovely or tragic on my part. But I’m embracing it, bring me in to your family! 
This ‘All Things Lush’ post is going to be regular, every time I go into Lush I shall do a little haul and talk about my favourite. Each week I’ll talk about my current favourite item, the stuff I purchased and maybe some stuff I am looking forward to and also some opinions on stuff I’ve used in the past. Sound like something you would enjoy?! I hope so! This first post could be a big one…I’ve had a lot of stuff lately and used a lot, so I’m only going to talk about the stuff I currently have in my little basket. 
Okay firstly I’m going to touch on skincare and stuff I’ve been using and enjoying and not so much! I’ve had a complete breakout lately, I think it’s all the stress I’ve been under or the increase in my food intake so there’s a combination of possible reasons. But one thing is for sure, my skin is dreadful right now! I look like I’ve returned to year 9 and in the prime time of puberty, no, nope, I am almost 22 this should not be happening. I’ve gone into Lush multiple times to ask for advice on this. They’ve recommend pretty much every face mask (I loved Catastrophe Cosmetic the most but Cosmetic Warrior  made me want to die, I HATE GARLIC). 
So anyway, they’ve been recommending a lot for me. I was using Herbalism for a while, it was doing okay but just was not doing the job at all. As nice as it was it just wasn’t a harsh enough cleanser for me and I think I needed something more, after I’d just purchased a new pot of this I’m going to start using this as a body cleanser! 
Herbalism £7.25 100g 
I’ve now after using a sample of both Dark Angels Cleanser and Ultrabland have decided to keep these two up (as well as some medicine from my GP) but it seems to be working! I love the absolute grittyness of Dark Angels, it really makes your face feel clean. Although you do have to make sure you scrub it all off at the end of your cleanse to make sure no left overs are in your pores, then you really will look like a giant walking black head. Black sugar and charcoal are absolute winners in getting your skin fresh! Then Ultrabland makes you feel very fresh at the end of the day, full of such beautiful refreshing ingredients such as rosewater and almond oil it’s so nice to remove any dirt or make up at the end of the day. I love it. I’ll sometimes just use it randomly in the day if I’m feeling a bit grubby! 
Dark Angels £7.25 100g Ultrabland £7.95 45g
Okay, something I really wasn’t feeling or maybe I just didn’t give it much of a chance was Grease Lightening – I read stuff about this online and a lot of people recommended it. But in the absolute prime of my skin having a mare I needed products desperately! I bought this, tried this and saw no difference…maybe I didn’t try it for long enough. You just need to plop a little bit on your finger and then dab it on your face, easy you know, but nothing for me… You read a lot about Witch Hazel being good for lots of things and this has Witch Hazel Extract in it so it really should work. I’ll try it again, has anyone else tried this and what do you think/recommend? 
Grease Lightening £6.50 45g 
Okay now onto the goodies that I have recently purchased and I will be doing separate reviews on these as and when I use them! But here’s what I have left from my recent purchases, we have some Lush Exclusives, Mother’s Day range and the Easter Range. 
So keep an eye out for the next blog post where I’ll probably be speaking about a couple of these! 
There you have it, my first All Things Lush post, there will be plenty more to come. Lushies, speak to me share with me your recommendations and your favourite products. What would you recommend for fresh skin? Or for a nice relaxing bath?! I’d love to hear! 
Until next time my loves, xo 



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