An Open Letter To My Eating Disorder

Hello everyone,

You may wonder why I’m making something like this public, why I’m putting it on the internet? You know me, I’m so open about my mental health and would do anything I could to raise awareness and to get others to help themselves or help those around them. If this helps one person have more of an insight, if it helps one mum have a slight look into what is going on in their childs mind then that’s all I want. I want to help, this small platform could do that, or so I hope. Here goes…

Dear my friend and my enemy, 

I say friend loosely…my enemy strongly. It’s been tough hasn’t it? These past few years, who knows when it all begun, when you creeped up behind me and tore me apart. I know you’ve been there for a while, a long time, too long. God, why did you come along? 

On one hand you’ve been my friend, my comfort and my safety blanket. When everything is a bit shit you’ve been there to fall back into. You’ve made me feel strong sometimes even at my weakest, we know someone with an eating disorder has strength like no other. The strength to deprive, that’s just indescribable. The willpower to go through with lies and deceit. You made me lie to the people I love, you made me get angry to them, when that was never in my nature. Sometimes you fully took over and people recognised this. I didn’t realise though, because I thought it was me. You’d taken over however, you had control. I liked that control though, sometimes I miss it. I miss the control we had when we could pick and choose when or what to eat or not to eat, the control of just running away from it all and going for stupidly long walks, just me and my brain. You made me feel safe, but that’s the key word…feel. You made me feel a lot of things, happy though? Never.

You stole things from me. You stole other peoples trust from me, that is unforgivable. You stole a life and a future in my dream career from me that I don’t even know if I wish for back, but I’m sad that I let it all go. At University you turned me into a mess, you had me laying on my bedroom floor taking pictures of my body to make sure my ribs were still sticking out like that was some sort of horrifying progress. You made me believe a tiny amount of food or none at all was enough for those beautiful long walks around London or for a full day of learning. All I learnt was that I was breaking before my eyes. 

I left that life behind, I had to. I left University because if I had stayed I would not be here now. You didn’t stay there, you stayed with me. You never left. I wish you’d have left. 

You made my mum cry down the phone to me almost daily, she still does now and that is the most heartbreaking of all. The pain we have caused to other people, the constant questioning STILL of whether my size is acceptable. Why won’t it stop? It’s not fair. It’s not fair on me or them. I can’t believe I let something so strong take over and destroy so much. 

I’m finally starting to get my strength back to fight it, I couldn’t fight you with such little mental strength. I had the strength to do all the wrong things but not the right. I want my mum to trust me on my own again, I have my own home but still I know she sits and worries that I am not eating. You still tell me not to. I want my boyfriend to not have to answer the same questions over and over again, they make no difference to you or I. I want to be happy and healthy, not weak and brittle and too tired for life. 

It’s time to go, I’ve got to be on my own. You were there when I felt I had no one, but you’re the one that pushed me into this darkness. It’s over now, it has to be. 


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  • Unknown

    Oh my sweet wonderful precious inspiring daughter…I can see the strength in every word of this letter so be strong and have enough confidence in yourself to reclaim your life and your future, and allow yourself to take control….. I love and believe in you so much! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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