Bits and Pieces On A Budget.


So I now have to live on a budget to get through the weeks, I’m sticking to it religiously, I write down everything and all that I aim to spend that week and that is super important at University, you really don’t want to find yourself low on money. BUDGETING IS KEY. Now I want to treat myself every now and then, of course who doesn’t want to treat themselves?! But unfortunately I can’t afford the luxuries I’d freely buy back when I had no responsibilities, I can’t quite justify walking into Topshop and spending a mad amount of money anymore (as much as I am dying to, please send me money to fund my Topshop lifestyle, I miss you so much Topshop…don’t forget me, I’ll be back when I’m rolling in money).

The other day I went to Westfield and needed to get some make up, mine was running low and I’m not even a huge make up wearer but it’s better to stock up now before it was too late, am I right?!

I’ve never purchased Seventeen make up from Boots before but when there’s a 3 for 2 offer how does one on a budget resist…

And there you have it, 3 really lovely make up products, 3 for 2 therefore fairly cheap in my eyes! I walked out of Boots feeling quite satisfied with myself.

I then went onto H&M and got myself a t-shirt and I call this look black on black, holes on holes, basically my super trampy look that I actually love very much. (The top was £12.99 and I was mugged off and didn’t get my student discount, damn you H&M)

There you have it, my little purchases for the week. Now back to spending my money primarily on food, oh university…you’re rinsing me dry. 

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