Blogmas: Day Eight!

Hiiiiii! (The 8 is a snowman how cute, that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.)

Blogmas is going to be so much better once I return home on Saturday and can do a lot more Christmassy stuff! I wanna do some baking or something, that’d be nice.

Currently it’s 10am and I have a test today (which I’m very unprepared for due to my sleepless weekend and another sleepless night that is to come tonight, blegh) and also a sort of presentation but not really, FUN. Can’t wait! But once they’re out of the way I just have to submit my essays and I’m done for the semester, and I shall strut out of this student accommodation like BYE. But no, I’m going to miss my pals a lot over the holidays it’s going to be odd.

Once again I’m going to update this throughout the day…I’m going to make that a thing, do people do that? I feel like my approach to blogging is a lot different to other peoples. Mine is boring? Or humorous? I don’t know. And it’s very mismatched and weird – just like my life lolz.

Okay it’s almost midday and I’m kinda nervous for this test agh, then I have a presentation but it’s not really a presentation I don’t know what it is but I know I haven’t written any notes or whatever to speak about it! CRAP. BALLZ.

It’s just gone 7pm now and I had my tests etc, all was okay – emphasis on the okay –  but now I’m set for a long night (I shall let you know why tomorrow) I’m tired just thinking about it.

One day closer to going home, one day closer to Christmas!

Mum sent me a picture of the tree, agh I can’t wait!

How has your day been?! Please do let me know!


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