Blogmas: Day Eighteen.

Hiiiiyaaa, bit of a late one today! I’ve had an extremely tough day mentally, you know with mental illnesses you hit a wall sometimes and that was today. I just realised for the millionth time what I was doing to myself and others, I feel dreadful but it’s upwards from here.

On a brighter note I spent the morning in town with my mum, I just love spending time with her she is my favourite person on Earth and I hope she knows that! I came back, had a nap (oops) I literally have no excuse for these naps, they really need to stop but they’re just so damn good. My dreams were nuts though.

I then decided to delay more Christmas baking until tomorrow with the cutters my mum bought me today and to do some wrapping instead!

The stamps made their debut and my gifts really do look quite cute, I’ll show you them all once they’re finished but for now they’re in the production line. I’m using the wrapping paper from Waterstones, the gifts tags etc from Paperchase and the stamps are from The Range!

I’ve never been so creative in my life, I feel good about it! ONE MORE WEEK TO GO.

How are you, how was your day?!

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