Blogmas: Day Fourteen!

I’m still lacking on the super Christmassy posts which is making my blogmas seem like boremas but I’ve got lots planned to do leading up to the big day so stick with me, please!

This morning I went out and about with my parents just like I used to before I moved away and saw my beautiful little cousin who was kitted out in the cutest tartan skirt, AGH. 
I’m going out for dinner with my friend later for a long overdue catch up which shall involve revealing all of my tragic university stories haha. I’ll update you later!

Okay, it’s now super late my apologies! I went out for dinner and had a lovely catch up with one of my best friends Shanice. It was really nice, we went to Frankie and Bennys and I had a bbq chicken pitta and a pancake for dessert, my bad body image mind is hating me enormously right now but in all of my positivity I’m trying to fight it and remember that Christmas time is a time for happiness and stuff, so I’m trying my best to remember that I deserve to enjoy nice food whether my mind wants me to or not. ANYWAY, mental illness recovery aside – we had a lovely catch up and it reminded me how beauts it is to have a friendship where we can go months without speaking but then get together and it’s like we’ve never been apart, Shazzaniqua united 5evz.

Tomorrow I’m going to have some quality time with my mum, perhaps see some friends and sort out my plans for the week!

I hope you had a nice day, byyyyeee. xx 

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