Blogmas: Day Nine! 5SOS Edition.

Hiiiiiiyaaaa from a very dazed and confused Shannon!

Last night I (stupidly) slept outside Radio 1 like the crazy mother I am, 5SOS are back in the country and of course my life goes up the shitter and all hell breaks loose. It was so cold, it was a very stupid decision but the things you do for Australians. I mean it was SO cold, like deadly cold. This morning we go barrier and met the lovely lads, they are honestly my favourite people on Earth (apart from my mum, dad and brother) and even though Michael was absent it was still lovely to see the rest of them.

I haven’t seen them in any form since July, I mean I’d always take a gig over meeting them but at this point I would’ve taken any opportunity because there was a big 5 Seconds of Summer shaped hole in my heart.

Luke and Calum were nice as per, it was cold though they weren’t bouncing off the walls. BUT ASHTON. Oh good lord, see heres the thing with Ashton – since I met them at Warped Tour last year me and Ashton have always just had a sweet little thing. Every time he sees me he recognises me or looks at me like he knows who I am but can’t quite put his finger on it and it’s just very lovely. Today he looked at me and with wide eyes was like “Hello! it’s so good to see you, how are you?!” and I was like “awww I know it’s been so long hasn’t it” and he said aw and patted me on the arm like we were old pals and it WAS SO FRICKEN CUTE. Honestly, it made my day because he never, ever fails to make me smile. He’s just so polite and thoughtful for remembering every single time, he means what he says and that’s just sweet.

My pictures are dreadful, I am Rudolph in human form and my face was puffy as balls but here are the pictures.

After all that I slept for 3 hours and now feel like absolute dogs bollocks oh my god. But we’re having our flat Christmas meal tonight, cute! Although we have no pigs in blankets, so it’s like hmm…what does one even do about that situation. I’ll let you know how that went tomorrow!
For now, I hope you have a good 9th December! 
Byyyyeee xxx 


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