Blogmas: Day Nineteen!

Hello everyone!

I had a very productive day today, the creative juices were flowing (that sounds SO wrong and horrible, I take it back) I woke up and put on my Christmas jumper, although I didn’t wash my hair because hello, I will wash my hair for no man. Actually, there was no man, I didn’t even leave the house today.

Dinosaur socks are obvz well Christmassy 

I finished my wrapping today, my parcels look like actual parcels I felt like I was working in that post office in The Grinch, not blowing my own trumpet here but they look good! 
Wowweee, ooo la la 

After chilling with my mum I begun to make some gingerbread men/snowmen/snow flakes! I like to think I’m an okay baker but then my mum has to step in and help because believe it or not, mums know best. It’s a fact of life! The recipe was from the BBC website, after trying to find a decent one I went with that because hello I’m not made of money I can’t go out and buy a million and one ingredients so that was a pretty simple one which you can make too if you check it out on their website here
looking raw and anaemic, not v ginger at all 

They came out really quite nice, then I went and made them look like absolute psychos with the decoration, my mum being my mum said they looked nice but I think they look like they’ve been to a midnight rave and had a bit of ‘fun’. 
All in all, I’ve had a very nice, festive day! I’ve tried to ignore a lot of negative thoughts I’ve been having for the sake of myself and also my mum. I need to enjoy my time at home, not spend it focusing on bad body image and anxiety.
I’m now going to spend my Friday night with my mum watching Text Santa – which you can donate to by clicking this link if you’d like, it’s a good cause! 
I hope you’ve had a nice day and continue to have a nice weekend, let me know what you’re up to in the comments. Have you been doing any festive activities? 
x x 

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