Blogmas: Day One!


I’ve seen many people doing this as taking inspiration from the YouTube trend of ‘Vlogmas’ – this is Blogmas, a post every day until Christmas/the whole of December, we’ll see how this goes.

I’m not very good at keeping on track with blog posts and especially with my deadline filled life right now, it’s all super hectic but I’ll give it a go because I’m in the super Christmas spirit. And check out my fancy font up there, wowweeee hello xmas.

This post isn’t very festive at all, but we’ll try and make future ones rather festive as I have a few things planned over the next few weeks!

Right now I feel like utter balls, one thing I’ll tell you about university is that you just get ill all the damn time and me with my health anxiety I’m convinced I’m dying – great. But I’m trying my best to ignore it all.

I went for Nandos tonight with a few of my friends from uni and I am still in a food coma 2 hours later, thank you @god for chicken and peri peri salt on chips, you did so good.

Okay, well I shall see you tomorrow and let’s see if I can stick to my word and do this – if anyone has any Christmassy tags that you think would be good to do, or any tags in general or challenges WHATEVER then please send them my way!

Bye, have a nice evening x x

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