Blogmas: Day Seven!

Hiiiiiiya! Well done to me for sticking this our for 7 whole days, it’s a Christmas miracle.

What a fricken day I’ve had god dammit. I had about half an hour of sleep last night, got up at 4:30 and was out walking the streets of London due to tubes not running til 7 – gross. 5 Seconds of Summer are back in the country so of course my life has turned into an immediate mess.

We made our way to the airport (reluctantly, knowing it would be a total waste of time) and there we were amongst hundreds of other girls waiting for them to arrive. They didn’t. They took the back exit and the whole morning and lack of sleep was for nothing, it’s okay though I’d never be mad at them it’s not like they need to meet everyone all the time in every single country, however it would’ve been really nice to see them but never mind!

The walk through London this morning was lovely, weirdly felt very Christmassy. I think empty London at stupid times of the day is my favourite London.


How are you doing? I’ve had a 3 hour nap, feeling refreshed and getting ready for a test tomorrow at uni and after tomorrow I only have to submit 2 essays and I’m done for Christmas AGH I’M GOING HOME ON SATURDAY I’M SO EXCITED!

I’ve already arranged things with my friendship group who I miss a lot, then arranged to meet with lots of my other friends back home who I miss so much! I’m honestly so excited to go home.

The only thing that has super bummed me out is that I lost a bit of money the other night which was part of my Christmas present buying savings, so bummed out. DONATE TO THE POOR AKA ME.

Have a nice evening! See you tomorrow x

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