Blogmas: Day Seventeen!

Hiiiyaaa! Day 17, woweeee one week until Christmas eve! YAAY. So excited.

Todays plan was to go to Tescos and buy ingredients to make sugar biscuits and gingerbread trees, so off I went and on my way back I realised I’d forgotten the cutters you know that will actually make the shapes…so I went back with these heavy bags full of flour and sugar and nope, no cutters to be seen, thank you so much Tescos.

So I went home, my mum being the genius she is cut me out a Christmas tree shape and I then improvised and made crappy looking Christmas shortbreads from my mums old high school recipe book!

They actually turned out okay, considering I freehanded all the ‘snowmen’ and those things aren’t nipples, they are meant to be baubles… meant to be.

I just wanted to do something productive today! I’ve spent the past few days having an afternoon nap and it’s so annoying, but even as I write this I want to fall asleep – this sparks off my anxiety which I’m trying to fight incredibly hard today, trying to avoid saying and thinking negative things about myself and my health but it’s just so hard!

But anyway, these shortbread are nice for a quick little activity to do!

What have you been up to today?


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