Blogmas: Day Six!

Hiiiii this is a special edition of Blogmas, it is the hungover edition. Please, someone save me. How am I even typing?!

Awful. Drinking is so bad, at the time it’s so much fun then the next day comes and well it’s not as much fun as it once was.

I woke up in my flatmates bed, she was asleep on my mattress on her bedroom floor?!?!?!?!? I had no idea why I was there but I was. I can’t remember much from last night, I remember sitting on the pavement on London’s embankment..I don’t know why but it was fun. It was our friends birthday who lives in the flat next door and our fire door has been open for weeks so we were going back and forth to theirs and ours. Then the hall ambassador finally came up to lock the door because the alarm was going off HAHA, one minute we were all sassy like “why has it taken you this long to lock it, hUH HUH?!” and the next minute we were singing chants to get him to drink with us, truly awful.

Anyway, today my friends Georgia and Libby are coming round and 5SOS are back in the country tomorrow so you know…

How are you on this fine day?

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