Blogmas: Day Sixteen!

Hello world!

I had a fairly productive day today (with yet another nap, my mum makes the house so warm and toasty it’s hard to resist an afternoon nap.)

So I woke up this morning, opened my advent calendar and if you’ve been reading my blogmas posts from day 1 you’ll know that the jokes inside haven’t impressed me v much, but today was a different story, I was pleased. Well done, Malteasers.

I had a nice, refreshing walk into town and I thought I saw four meteors or four UFO’s, I’m not sure but I was freaking the frick out guys. 
I’ve really missed being able to have relaxing walks, in London it’s a fight. Although today I did nearly have a couple of fights – one in Burtons with an old lady with a trolley thing, she was rude and I was about to flip my lid then another in Marksies, everyone was simply getting on my tits and it was all old ladies. Now I love old people, old people rule but today they were on a rampage! 
I pretty much finished my Christmas shopping although I think I might have spent more on the wrapping paper etc. than the actual presents but who could even possibly help themselves when their creative mind wants to be set free! 
A few bits I bought for wrapping my Christmas presents today! Tissue paper and tags etc. from Paperchase and a 10m roll (woah) of brown paper from Waterstones. 

I also went to The Range and got some ink and stamps to jazz it all up, gosh I am loving Christmas this year. I think I’m going to spend Friday wrapping all my presents and making them look cute.
Tomorrow I’m going to walk to Tescos and get some bits to make gingerbread men or some shortbread, or generally anything Christmassy that I can bake so I’m going to spend the night looking for some recipes yay! 
My anxiety is through the roof but whats new, sometimes I think I should’ve just given in and gone to counselling but I know in my head I am strong enough to get over it but eh, sometimes you just hit a rough patch. 
Anyway, how was your day? Let me know!

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