Blogmas: Day Thirteen!

Currently 8 am and TODAY IS THE DAY. I’M GOING HOME. QUICK, I’m about to break out into the going home song from Radio 1. Currently listening to Driving Home For Christmas, I’m just sat in my bedroom so you know being a little bit ahead of myself but I’m just so excited!

I’m meeting my parents at the South Bank to look at the Christmas market then we’re getting all my stuff and I’ll be going home for 5 weeks GAH. Mums prepared a mac and cheese for me too, what a gal.

I’ve been listening to Michael Bubles Christmas album, I know I keep going on about Christmas (it’s Blogmas, this is acceptable) but I’m so stoked this year, the past few years have just been like eh but being away I think has made me appreciate everything, life and everyone so much more. I can’t wait for the day, I can’t wait to buy and create the gifts I’m getting people this year, it’s going to be weird and different with my brother living elsewhere for the first time but as long as I’ve got my mum and dad that’s okay. I’ll just get a cardboard cut out of my brother and pretend he’s not only 5 minutes up the road.

I AM HOME, it’s 6pm and I spent the day with my mum and dad going round my grandparents and stuff, saw my beautiful little cousin who I just adore! It was a nice day but now I’m in my cosy house which is basically Santas grotto right now – mum did a good job, as per.

I’m really happy to be away from high rise buildings and being able to see the sun setting again, I’ve honestly learnt to love things like that now, I never used to appreciate sun sets and sun rises but when I was at my lowest point mentally this year I started to love aspects of life that I never used to. 
Ah well, I hope you’ve had an equally as nice day as me and I shall see you tomorrow! 
x x 

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