Blogmas: Day Three!

Morning! The day hasn’t even begun and I’m not feeling very festive at all, I’m extremely aggravated at the whole entire world – I might scream.

One of my uni submissions is today and I’m worried it’s just utter balls, I’ll probably post the links on here eventually. My television isn’t working, yup not the end of the world there’s more important things going on but hellLLOOOO I LOVE TV!? It’s my number one comfort thing, even when I’m not paying any attention I have to have the TV on just to feel less…alone? I don’t know, I’ve just always been the same. I love wasting electricity.

There’s still a hundred and one things to do before the 12th December and I don’t know how to write essays they are just super balls, I feel sick and need to just hibernate BUT I CAN’T.

I desperately want to go Christmas shopping, or write Christmas cards, anything that’ll make me feel all warm and happy because right now I feel stressed and cold hearted like I could burn your soul with my icey heart – that was SO deep.

Anyway, I woke up to yet another amazin’ joke. It’s almost as funny as my life.

This was a very annoying post and I hope you have a very lovely day, I also hope mine dramatically improves.
See you tomorrow. 

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