Blogmas: Day Twenty Four! CHRISTMAS EVE.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Tomorrow is the big day, are you excited? I AM.

It’s been an ace countdown, done so much festive stuff and truly feel super Christmassy and I think a lot of it was due to being away from home and doing the cute little drive home for Christmas. It was just very nice and I’m feeling good.

I spent last night with my brother and his fiancé, we had Asda pizzas and they are the best, if you’ve never had one like some people I’ve met at uni haven’t then what the FRICK is going on! That is a disgrace, get down there now. I went into their bathroom and saw this…

I appreciated it more than a 19 year old should have.
Today I’ve been doing usual Christmas Eve stuff with my family, after going midnight grocery shopping last night I was super tired so didn’t get up until it was time to go out for breakfast with my parents which was nice. We then went around all the families houses doing usual Christmas duties, dropping off presents, collecting presents (lucky us) and wishing everyone a v merry Christmas. I made pigs in blankets just now, stealing my nannies thunder oops. Then later on my brother and Chelsea are round for dinner before tomorrow, ahhhh I feel so warm and fuzzy as we’re just watching The Grinch.
I can’t wait to have a beauts day with my little cousin as well tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and day 25 might have to be a bit late and come on Boxing Day depending on how busy the day is! 
Have a good one! 
x x x 

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