Blogmas: Day Twenty-One!

Hiiiiii, I missed yesterday oops!

I had quite a weird day yesterday in all honesty. It was a turning point that I’ve needed for a very long time, finally being given something to help me and I’m scared but I need to try it to see if I can start to lead an honestly happy and anxious free life. I’m excited, scared, but excited.

I then came home and chilled, watched RuPauls Drag Race on Netflix which I am currently binge watching! You need to watch it, it’s amazing. Then my friend India picked me and Corinna up for a drive and we drove around town just talking, it was nice to be back with them and do you know what our friendship makes me so happy because we’ve known each other since we were like 11 years old or something and here we are now, some of us at uni and the other is engaged. WEIRD. I think it’s quite lovely though, those 2 girls make my life so much better, without them I’d be a mess haha.

Today I saw my brother and his fiancé for a bit, I’m going round his house this week for dinner for the first time since they moved in which is nice! But for now I’m waiting to go out for a sort of Christmas dinner with my group and for our secret Santa exchange. Sorry it’s a borrrrrrin one!

See you tomorrow x

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