Blogmas: Day Twenty Three!

I missed yesterday I’m sorry! I can’t even remember what I did yesterday but it definitely wasn’t interesting enough to post about.

Today I went to watch Elf at the cinema, just to get into the festive spirit! Libby gave me these cute little polaroid things which has loads of things we’ve done together this year, Shibby always brings the party let’s be honest. We’ve had another sick year and next year is set to be sweet too with 5SOS shows, All Time Low and front row at The Vamps already lined up, YAAAS!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few days, so if you want to be slightly bummed out I’d leave now or if you want to be inspired to change then continue – I really want to make a change once and for all, no more hating myself, no more getting terrified that I’m dying, no more stressing, NOTHING. I want to like myself, just accept who I am and what I look like and realise that life is much more than the measurements on my body, that it is much more than the calories I consume, that it’s much more than having a killer set of cheekbones. That’s not what should be important to me. Instead I should put all that energy (like my mum says) into positive things, like my uni work, possibly finding a job in the area I’d like to work in…you know, stuff like that. I actually have a skills day at Heat Magazine next month and that has been my dream for so many years so to even step foot into that building is going to be huge for me! 
I really am just sick of being negative about everything, I want to turn it all around and I hope in the new year if you’re struggling I hope you turn it around too. I hope you see the positivity light, see that life is much more than what is bringing you down. I wish you all the luck in the world.
See you tomorrow, Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 

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