Blogmas: Day Two!


It’s day two of Blogmas, I opened my advent calendar to a very corny joke and I have to endure 22 more of these, lord help. As you can see, I was less than impressed and I do appreciate a good joke in my life but you know…

Then I was like “oh, a boot” nope, it was a train okay but whatever it tasted delicious. 

I didn’t sleep until like 3am last night, my flat mate Sanna fell asleep on my bed for almost four hours so I was almost forced to start planning one of my essays – she should fall asleep on my bed more often, it’s great motivation to do work as I simply cannot sleep.

I was watching Phillip Schofield do his 24 hour Text Santa marathon on ITV 3, I love the Schofe what an absolute legend, he’s one of my ‘heroes’ I have to say. I love television, I want to work in television and he is like the king of TV haha. It was really cool to watch, he kept it real as per and you can donate if you’d like here! I’m not going to lie it actually made me feel super Christmassy, it was nice!

I’m now going to go on a walk, treat myself for having such a productive morning of cleaning and uploading work etc. Then I’m going to get on with my essay – woo.

I don’t know where I’m going with this whole blogmas thing, I need to find some really cute festive stuff online to write about, that’s a plan!

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