Christmas Wishlist – BLOGMAS DAY 2

Happy Blogmas Day 2! 

I will be sharing with you just a few things I would like for Christmas this year. The older I get the harder it is when my mum asks me, my 23 year old self “make me a Christmas list so I know what you want”. 

I miss the old days when you would sit down for hours to pen your Christmas list, or sit in your Nannies kitchen and go through the Argos catalogue and pick at least one thing one each page. Just me? No? Didn’t think so! 

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I would be a very lucky girl to get anything from this list this year, but I am more stoked to give my presents to my loved ones. Some ideas will be coming up in the following days! 

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Let me know! 

Shannon x 

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