Current Mixed Favourites…

Hiii! Something a little different today but as I have literally nothing to do with my life right now I’m getting blog posts popping out of my mind left, right and centre.

Here are my current mixed favourite things!

Favourite Album:

Madness – Sleeping with Sirens.

This album is the ultimate tits, you know when you listen to an album so much you just get sick of it…well with this I haven’t yet. Almost every song is sweet as and I especially love Go Go Go, The Strays and Gold. It’s such a good listen!

Favourite Book: 

Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher.

I’m such a fussy person that it takes a lot for me to read which is really annoying, when I was little I loved to read but unfortunately I just grew out of it. But now, as I’ve already said I’ve finished university for now and I have so much spare time there is no excuse. So I finally have time to read Giovanna’s collection of books and of course started with ‘Billy and Me’. It’s so cute, a story about a normal girl and her famo boyf,

Favourite Clothing Item:

MY TOPSHOP PINAFORE. (I searched for it on Topshop and it no longer exists) 

I’m in LOVE with it, if I could wear it everyday I probably would but I’d definitely look smelly if I did that. It goes with everything, looks cute as balls and it’s just lush. I love it! My favourite purchase of the past 19 (almost 20) years and that’s me being over the top but that’s fine because I’m in love with this item. I might marry it, who knows.

Favourite Shop:

Topshop obvz lol. 

My favourite shop always and forever, we are made for each other. Me n you 4evz Topshop.

In all seriousness, I go there almost every week just to try new stuff on because I have a sad life. But Topshop on Oxford Street is the tits and I can’t help myself, I’ve tried some absolutely banging clothes on lately. They’ve honestly got such a cute collection in right now! (I may do a wish list post but that would take a million years because I’m greedy and want everything)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this it’s a bit different. Slightly inspired by my pal Georgia! 

Bye-ya x x x

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