Dating Do’s and Don’ts

I have terrible taste. That is not the way you want to start a post is it? But I am not here to lie to you, from my history of dating and the stories which have come from the dating I have concluded that my taste is quite frankly, a disgrace. I’m being harsh, it’s not THAT bad and if I’ve ever dated you and you’re reading this, hello, welcome and make yourself at home.

Now I’m no dating expert, quite the opposite, I’d say that I am quite the novice so should you listen to me? Probably not, I have failed in getting anywhere in the dating world so I am probably the last person you should listen to. Anyway, I’m going to give you what I think is some absolutely life changing advice and with this advice, you will probably be married in the next year.

DOAsk questions just as they do

I’ve found on dates it can go one of two ways, you’re either asking all the questions and it’s like getting blood out of a stone OR you’re both on the same wavelength and it’s an absolute treat. I’ve had this from my friends too who are going on dates, they’ll come home and say they asked a billion questions and the other person was typically ‘me, me, me’ the whole night. Ask questions, seem interested in their life and hopefully they’ll come right back at you with the questions too.

DON’T Let them spit in your mouth in a kebab shop

So imagine you’re in a kebab shop after a fun evening of having some casual drinks, you’re messing around and then all of a sudden they spit in your mouth for ‘being annoying’. Not like spitting in your mouth in a horny way…you know…but just a random act of spitting. How would you react to this? Any normal person would tell them to jog on…so I would recommend you don’t allow that and you don’t continue to date them for about 3 more weeks. Just a small word of advice.

DOOffer to pay or do rounds

It is common courtesy to do this of course, it’ll just show that you’re willing to put in as much as they are. In 2020 a man should not expect to have to pay, although a lot of guys will insist it’s nice to offer. It shows that you are a nice, independent person who would treat them with respect too. Maybe? Or maybe I am being optimistic there. Doing rounds is fun too! Let’s get wasted, baby.

DON’TLet them try to convince you to hold a jelly fish

If you’re on a little romantic walk on a beach and they suddenly spot a jelly fish washed up on the beach, do not feel pressured into holding said jelly fish. If they say “oh go on, get out of your comfort zone” slap that jelly fish out of their hands and run. Or, just simply say “NO MEANS NO” and they’ll probably stop trying to force the electric filled creature into your hands.


Flirting is fucking great. Do it with your eyes and the rest could be history, your eyes can speak a thousand words. “I want you to bone me” – can be said with the eyes. “God you’re fit as shit”- EYES. Tame things too of course, let them know you’re interested if you are, body language and your actual language will get you so far. Flirting is so fun and will come ever so naturally if you are into the person you’re on a date with.

DON’TInvite him over and then call him the name of a boy you’ve been canoodling with in recent months

Just don’t do it.

DOEnjoy the moment

Even if the date is not going well, you’re out and meeting someone new and that is so fun! Regardless of whether you’re into them or not, every date and every new person is an experience. Someone who you can learn something from and take onto the next person you go on a date with. Enjoy the day or night, enjoy the drinks or activity. Getting out and dating is a laugh, enjoy it!

DON’T Let them try to convince you that cats are better than dogs

This is diabolical behaviour. If they say “you have to earn the love and trust of a cat, dogs are dumb” walk away from the table and never turn back. Why would you want to earn the trust of something when a dog will love you unconditionally? Does not sit right with me.

What are your dating do’s and don’ts?! Let me know!


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