Educate Young Minds On Mental Illness.


Something really personal to me, and close to me are mental illnesses. Growing up with them and still living with many is common knowledge to those close to me, maybe even anyone who reads this blog because I believe speaking about it is THE most important thing. Last night I was having a bad one, it was almost 11pm and there I was on the brink of having yet another meltdown. Debating whether to wake my mum and have a cry, or just work through it.

Then I got pissed off. I took myself back to primary school, I had no idea what anxiety was, no idea what body image problems were, what even was depression?! Did anyone even really know what they were in primary school? Probably not.

I’ve always been a very shy girl, when I was little I was an actual mouse and looking back I’ve probably had serious anxiety issues since I started school. That’s awful.

Why did I get pissed off? I got pissed off because I thought, WHY DO WE NOT REALLY GET TAUGHT ABOUT THIS STUFF IN SCHOOL?!

We literally never got taught about mental illnesses in school, we never got taught about how to deal with this stuff if we were to ever get things like depression, OCD or anxiety etc. So when these problems come into our lives we’re like what the frick is going on?

We should be taught this stuff from day 1, there’s a thing called PSHE and this should be a huge topic within that. Except that is always focused on things like “oh, don’t try a cigarette due to peer pressure, tut tut don’t do that” but no one ever says “one day you might feel really, really crappy about life but it’s okay and there is help”. NO ONE EVER TELLS YOU THIS. No one ever tells you what mental illnesses are and that’s just really ticked me off.

You know, one day I’d like for this to really get into schools. Mental illnesses are so much more open now and everyone knows someone with one, this needs to be spoken about more.

I’ve seen people feel awful at younger ages, sometimes it’s worrying that it’s becoming a ‘trend’ but a lot of kids actually have problems and it’s sprung on them in no time and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Classes should be put in place for this, to tell people what it’s like, how to deal with it and who to talk to and that there is help out there. Yeah, stuff like this is all over the news and internet but not everyone watches the news or looks at stuff like this on the internet. Because how can a young person even put a name to their extreme sadness if they have no idea what it is? That’s what I’m trying to say.

Education on this is necessary and I hope one day it gets put in place.

I apologise for the slightly political post, is this political? I don’t know, I just know it would have to go through that kinda system to be put in place. DAMMIT I HAVE NO POWER BUT THIS MUST BE DONE.

Power to the people and all that.

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