Effortless Inspiration Books by Dani DiPirro: Review!

Hi everyone, it’s been a while for which I apologise but if I’m honest I’ve been an absolute mess lately. Ridiculously tired, run down, a mess from start to finish. I’m sorry! 

Anyway, a little while ago the lovely people over at Watkins Media  sent me some copies of Dani DiPirro’s (aka, Positivelypresent) new books (as well as a couple of her older ones to complete the set).
There are four in the set: Gratitude, Living In The Moment and the two newer books Forgiveness and Compassion. I jumped on board when they got in touch so I could get my hands on these and try to relate them to my own recovery, which is purely what my blog has been based around for a very long time now. 
These four little books are SO CUTE. I know I’m not meant to be reviewing the look of them necessarily but I actually love the simplicity of the designs so much – they look very sweet on my shelves in my new living room, just saying. 
Each book has positively reinforcing quotes throughout, things to do each day to help with your positive outlook and just a whole damn bunch of positivity that I am absolutely loving and taking on board. 
I’m going to just go through each one a little bit, I wanted to do a more in depth post about each book as there are ‘activities’ as such to do BUT that would take me forever and I think I just want to incorporate them into future posts within my recovery. 

This book really made me think, it made me think about forgiving myself for what I have done. I’ve hurt myself mentally a lot over the years but honestly, a piece of writing has never made me think more. 
“Today I forgive myself for my past mistakes” 

The book is all about finding it within ourselves to forgive those who have hurt us, make us think about why we should forgive and the good it will do to ourselves for doing so. These books are so thought provoking I cannot express this enough! 

This book looks at seeing the world in a different way to be able to see your own. It touches on showing compassion to others who do not have what we have so we can learn to give without having to receive a reward – simply for the point of being compassionate. 
“Today I show compassion by loving myself”
After reading this I spent the next day trying to love myself in every way I could, a big part of my recovery. 
Living In The Moment 

Living in the Moment is all about what it says on the cover….. living in the moment, DUH. I think this one was my favourite. It’s all about recognising what your favourite things to do are, why you do them, what it means to focus on this moment right now and not the past or the future – simply the present. Why you are doing what you’re doing, what it means to be in this moment and why this moment is so important. It made me go off and do some of my water colour prints, add to the blog, all of the things I love to do which make me feel present in the moment. 
“I stay present by not worrying about the future” 

I think this is one quote that stood out to me the most, alongside all of the other positive quotes throughout. I want to live in this moment, this wonderful moment that is making me think about life and the beauty that surrounds it. 

To be grateful for what we have, who we have and what we do, that’s the main aim of this little book. Being thankful of the memories we have which push us forward in day to day life. I’d say this was my second favourite of the four as it made me wake up the next day and say out loud three things I am thankful and grateful for (one of the exercises in the book) – my boyfriend Ryan, my family and my dogs. Doing this everyday makes me realise how wonderfully lucky I am. 
“Today I am grateful for everyday magic” 

These books are wonderful, I loved reading them and I look back at them when I can just to get more ideas on what I can do to help my recovery.
I’d recommend them 100% to anyone going through recovery right now. They really do make you think.
You can purchase these here at just £5.99 a piece. I know I’m going to be using them and thank Dani DiPirro for creating these thoughtful little books. 
Thanks for reading guys and I’ll be back on top of these posts shortly! 


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