Favourite Items At The Moment

Since the Summer my favourite pair of shoes have been my white Nike, Air Force Ones. I usually wear them when I wear leggings or shorts with a shirt with a nice collar. I got them for £35 because I have small feet and got them for the children’s price (always a win). Although, they don’t really go well with jeans because they just look too big and chunky so I like to wear them when people won’t be focused on my legs looking stumpy.

To add onto this I like to wear my basic red curve hem jumper from Topshop which was only £18, I love this jumper so much it’s literally my favourite one I own because I can wear it with every blouse I have and it looks nice! They do it in other colours too (green, black and grey) so I would definitely recommend getting one because it’s simple but goes with everything. 
Finally, the past couple of months I’ve been wearing the oversized roll back tee’s from Topshop. I’ve got the burgundy and grey one and also, one with ‘geek’ written on it. They’re my favourite because I love basic tee’s from Topshop because like the jumpers, they just go with everything – and I love a rolled up sleeve on a tee too. They’re only £16 which is good considering they good quality and they look nice! They have loads of colours now and loads with different words on the front too so they’re clearly quite popular. 

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