Goodbye 2014!

Oh, 2014, don’t leave me. This year has been the most mentally challenging year of my life without question, from previous years I didn’t think I could get any worse but this year proved me wrong. I have gone on the biggest roller coaster ride of my life, although mentally challenging this year has been the most fun and life changing! 

I’ve done so much, I’ve left home, I’ve learnt how to look after myself, I’ve travelled from my home to Sheffield, to Reading and London all on my own, I’ve been to many a gig (mostly 5 Seconds of Summer) and met the Australians lots of times too which of course is always nice.
I wanted to make a post about every single month and everything I’ve done but that would probably bore you, just know that this year I’ve done a lot of stuff I never thought I would do. I’ve grown as a person, I turned 19 and for the first time felt like an adult when it came to me having to buy my own weekly food shopping and having to cook my own dinner. I can’t really believe I left home and went to University, I never thought I’d have the guts. 
I have met so many new people and also kept the same old pals. My group of friends from school are still here and we’re still going strong, we’re going to Scotland next year which will be ace. I’ve made even more friends through 5 Seconds of Summer which is cute as and then I’ve made friends from all around the world because of uni, it’s quite beautiful.  
I am excited to start 2015 and want to really get better mentally, this year could be even better than 2014 and that is going to be hard to beat. LET’S DO IT. 
Have a happy new year! 

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