Wanna know what’s super infuriating to me? When you’re watching a band go from nothing to everything but there’s still people who are trying to ruin that little burst of happiness for the band.

Okay, 5 Seconds Of Summer are taking over. It’s official! Their debut US tv performance happened at the BillboardAawards and it was quite the performance, they absolutely smashed it, but me? I expected nothing less! So personally I was overjoyed that America had just experienced a slice of what I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many a time.

But then I stumbled across Twitter (obviously I did not just stumble across it) and I typed in various things into the search out of curiosity and found things like “why is this kid wearing a Misfits shirt, he’s never heard a song” – oh, PLEASE, stranger on the internet who is probably in their early 30s, have you gone through this boys music collection? I think not. And the most popular and most frequent thing “they are singing pop, they are not punk, they are just like One Direction”.

Ahem, let me make room for the storm I am about to cause. Since when did one direction sing, play their own instruments and jump around stage at the same time? Since when did one direction write ALL of their own songs? Please, tell me people of the internet who seem to know everything about the music industry…

See that’s the thing, the people who are quick to run their mouths off are the people who act like they are crazy about music, devoted to their amazing taste in music and they don’t want any slightly poppy bands to come in and shake things up.

ALL punk/pop/rock bands sing songs about girls so what’s so bad about 5sos singing a song about a girl in some underwear, tell me the answer to that… just because their songs might be targeted at a younger audience doesn’t mean they want to be called a pop band.

Do you think a pop band would be so carefree as these 4 boys? That’s what really gets to me, the people who are quick to judge have no idea what they’re like. 5 Seconds Of Summer want to be in there with the bands they’ve looked up to their whole lives and when I say their whole lives, they’re teenagers, they’ve not been in the industry long yet there are people there who want to knock them down when they’re on a high.

Stop comparing them to One Direction and stop trying to refuse them access to your beloved genre of pop punk or whatever you would like to call it, just give them a chance and if they start prancing about the stage without their instruments like an ACTUAL BOYBAND or something lame then maybe that’s when you might have a point but that WON’T be happening so just give them the chance they’ve worked their arses off for.  So before running your mouths off please learn to differentiate between a band and a boy band and then maybe your opinion would be listened to and you might have a point.

Without being biased, they smashed their first US tv performance, what a huge moment for any band let alone this little Australian band who never expected any of this to happen. It’s pretty amazing to witness. 

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