Holiday Bucketlist – BLOGMAS DAY 10

Good day everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day.

On todays Blogmas post I’ll be highlighting some places I dream of visiting in my lifetime. I’ve always been far more interested in visiting European cities than the wider places on Earth. However, there are a couple that stick out. So in this post there will be a few with a mixture of both. 


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This is my dream and always has been since I was a tiny little human. Luckily I’ve met a boy who also wants to visit, my plan is that this will be our honeymoon destination. No hot, chilled holiday. I want a busy, jam-packed, sightseeing, unforgettable get away and New York will be the perfect place. If I could get up and move anywhere in the world it would be NY without a doubt. I was born for busy cities that never sleep. 


I have visited a few places so far in Sweden – Jönköping, Malmo and Lomma – all quite quiet and sweet little places. I want to visit Stockholm to see what this part of Sweden is like, it would probably be the most touristy I would have ever been in Sweden. Rather than off my nut on overly expensive alcohol. It looks stunning. 


Again, another dream since I was young. Although, I think if my life had panned out differently I would have gone travelling to Australia but god knows what my life would have been like then! I would love to go on a long holiday like my in laws recently did, they did a cruise from Australia to New Zealand and it looked great. I’d love to do that one day with Dan! 


Dan and I have a plan to travel around Italy one day and Crema is at the top of my list of places to visit. This little Northern Italian town is the home of one of my favourite films ‘Call Me By Your Name’. That movie made me fall in love with the thought of Northern Italy, it looks gorgeous. Crema looks like the perfect little place to visit on a warm Summers day and it’ll be a dream come true when the day comes. 

Now I’m sure that has brought some sunshine to your Winters day, have any of these ever been of interest to you? Let me know! 

Shannon x 

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