Homeware Haul Part 1!

Hello everyone, I’m on a roll! So this shall be my first of a few homeware hauls, we haven’t got everything in the house yet  – I’m currently sitting on a pile of blankets and cushions while we wait for the sofas. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor while watching the telling which is also on the floor, I think it’s kinda cute though. In years to come me and Ry can be like “so we spent weeks on the floor… WEEKS.” 

I’m not too good at this whole living away from home thing just yet, I know I lived in London for a year but I spent most of that eating doritos hungover in a mess in a duvet burrito. Tonight I tried to boil an egg…3 times. THREE TIMES, T H R E E. Not once, not twice but three times. That’s a waste of three whole eggs, don’t tell Ryan he’ll get the waste police on me.
ANYWAY, we picked up some really sweet little bits to make this house a home! There’s still so much more to add, but here are a few of my favourite little bits that we picked up. 
Firstly let’s go to the kitchen, we went for copper! We could have gone OTT with the copper but of course we were not sure what the kitchen would look like (we’ve been collecting things since the start of the year maybe?) – however we bought some very sweet pieces. 
We got the Tea, Coffee and Sugar pots from Next (£16.00), well my parents bought these as well as the kettle which was from Sainsburys. We then purchased the Toaster from BHS (RIP, forever in my homeware loving heart) – this was I think £23 instead of £40?! Throughout the whole search we made so many savings it was nUTS. The knife set for example which I think is like Ryans child was £36 instead of £120, I’m sweating. 
We then got these sweet little mugs with a voucher I got for my birthday from my friend Ben, because aren’t they just cute. I love these little Alphabet pieces. These were £4.00 each from Next
Onto the living room, very incomplete as I previously said with the lack of sofas! But once everything is in I’m going to do another post – especially when I get the desk in the spare room aGH. Anyway, back onto the living room we got these beautiful effing cushions oh my GOD. They are the most beautiful things I’ve ever set eyes on. These are from Marks & Spencers, they were pretty steep at £15.00 each and are like the size of a pea but still wow. Cutest little things again on the whole alphabet theme so people know whose house they’re in, right? 

Now the bathroom, upstairs we got some lovely lilac bath mats which are just beauts but I haven’t taken a photo of them. The picture below is the beautiful toothbrush holder with a sweet little heart pattern from Sainsburys! We got a matching soap dish and toilet brush holder  – they’re just so sweet. The only annoying thing is not being able to have the tiles and flooring that we would like as we rent, but we’ve made it all work. Here’s just a little peak at the toothbrush holder! 

Moving on to the random little bits around the house, one day I purchased this cute little chalkboard from Tiger. I’m pretty sure it was about £7.00 but I honestly cannot remember it was months ago, it’s so sweet though we keep writing each other little messages when the other is at work or messages for when the other gets home from work. It’s quite hard to work such different times from each other, but little messages are very cute to come home to. 

These little vases from Next, no longer available though bOOOOO. But they actually inspired the colours I wanted in the accessories for the living room, I think I’ll be keeping these in the living room and not in our bedroom. They were £5.00 down from £14.00 in the sale, honestly we should have our own bargain hunting TV show. 

Finally, I’m going to show you our bed cover! I’m really unsure what colours we should have in the bedroom. Until we get furniture I don’t think I will be super sure but anyway we picked these super sweet bed covers up from Tesco! I’m pretty sure they were also in the sale, they look like little watercolours and you know I love me some watercolour. Ryan looks pretty wrapped up in it. 
So that is the lot for now, like I said I will do another once we get more stuff in the house and it all starts coming together. Oh, it wouldn’t be right to leave this post without showing you a bit of Ryans nerd cave… 
This is in the spare room and on the other side of the room I’m going to have a desk and it’s just going to be mega sweet.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, share with me your love for all things homeware in the comments! 


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