I missed the final Blogmas…

My bad! I was busy doing family stuff, you know. Makes the whole point of Blogmas seem a little pointless doesn’t it.

Well, I hope you had a nice Christmas! I sure did. I got spoilt which I wasn’t expecting, I thought my days of being spoilt on Christmas Day were over but I was wrong when my brother came round and my parents sent us upstairs and there was an iPad mini waiting for me. See I was over the moon with everything I’d recieved in the morning so that was just lovely!

I got some beauts clothes mostly from Urban Outfitters (I’ll make a post about that tomorrow maybe!) 
It was nice to see my baby cousin on Christmas Day who had been incredibly spoilt but she is worth the world!
So after all of the excitement I have spent today feeling dreadful physically and mentally, I hate health anxiety, I have general anxiety and I hate depression. It’s driving me to start these tablets even more. I can’t drink while I’m on the tablets so tonight is my last time drinking for God knows how long and I’ll be doing it with my best pals. 
I hope you continue to have a good christmas season! Got some good posts lined up so stick with me.
Byeeeee x

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