June Topshop Wish-list!

Hiiiiiii! I’ve never done one of these before and of course I love clothes etc, so maybe I should start doing stuff like this more often.

I could’ve gone on and on and picked literally everything but I only chose a few things which if I had the money I would go straight into a big Topshop and buy, but actually all I can do is window shop, then leave and cry at my lack of shopping. My style isn’t very ‘colourful’ considering it’s Spring/Summer, I am still stuck in my skinny black jeans but perhaps one day that’ll all change… we’ll see. Anyway, here are some things I liked the look of online today!

Now, I know it’s not really the right time of year to wear jumpers and cardigans but I dress for comfort no matter what the heat (silly, I know) but I’ve never had a Summer where I’ve whacked my legs out and I’d love to so maybe in a few weeks I’ll do an updated wish-list and there might be more season appropriate clothes on there.
Right now I’m super into ripped skinny jeans, I just bought some black ones and they’re so nice so the ripped stone wash jamie jeans (which will ALWAYS be Topshops best quality and best fitted jeans, in my opinion) are a great pick! 
The denim t-shirt dresses have been about for absolutely ages now and I’m still yet to buy one so hopefully I’ll get one for the summer. 
What are you thinking about Topshop right now, is there anything you really want to purchase? Let me know! 
I enjoyed doing this, so will definitely do this more often. My blog doesn’t seem to have a set subject I write about, I like a bit of everything and that’s cool I think. 
Will write soon! xo 

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