Love Yourself From Day 1.

Hellloooo everyone!

As a part of my journey to happiness and good physical and mental health I have started going on walks and today I went on one – after I’d just had a really freakin good smoothie, damn I love myself for that smoothie – anyway, on this walk I was on a road on my estate and a girl ran past me, she looked about 11 or 12 years old. She was fully kitted out in running gear, she looked serious, man. She ran by like she was determined to get this run done but then she came to a sudden stop when she saw 2 boys probably her age in front of her. This made me sad. She clearly felt insecure, why? To me she looked like the perfect little size but she was obviously running for a reason. Maybe she simply likes running, maybe she wanted to do something to get herself out of the house in the holidays, maybe she wanted to get fit then I thought…what if she was doing it to lose weight? AND WELL, by that point I wanted to go over to her and tell her that she is a perfect little thing.

I could be completely wrong, I could have the wrong end of the stick. However, even if she was just running for fun there are girls (and boys) that young who get sucked into the whole ‘losing weight’ thing. Can you imagine your 11 year old sibling saying they wanted to lose weight, wouldn’t you be horrified?! For me to even have the thought that this girl could’ve potentially be doing that run to lose weight just made me so sad.

I’m so sad that society has changed an entire generation and all the generations that are to come. Let’s go back 30 years, did my parents worry about exercising when they were kids? No. Did I or my friends worry about exercising much when we were about 11 years old? No. I worried more about missing a show on Disney channel than food.

But then you grow up, food and weight becomes a daily thing that you think about and isn’t that just absolutely infuriating. It’s annoying because in reality we’re probably all fine, but in your own head you don’t feel ok, you feel like you’re the wrong size, you feel like eating anything slightly bad is a sin and you’re doing something terribly wrong. That’s awful.

Kids, emphasis on KIDS, should not feel the need to go out on full blown runs at such a young age, by all means go and run down the park and hang out with your pals but to do it for the full purpose of exercise really gets to me. I’M JUST REALLY MAD THAT TODAYS CHILDREN HAVE BEEN TAUGHT THAT EXERCISING AND BEING SLIM IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING A CHILD AND HAVING FUN.

Of course, being healthy and exercising is a good thing, totally! But everyone is so focused on it now and we’ve forgotten what it’s like to enjoy living, I know I have (but I’m working on getting my thoughts back on track, life will be sweet as soon) but I just wanted to stop this girl and ask her what she thought of herself. The mind of a young girl is a tough one and one that really sucks sometimes and it just makes me sad. It really is none of my business what this girls reason was but I’m just super worried that the world is corrupting even younger minds than I thought, and that’s so very wrong.

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