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Mental Health At Christmas Time – BLOGMAS DAY 9

Hey everyone, I hope you are enjoying blogmas so far! 

This post is one usual to my typical blog posts, mental health. Mental health at Christmas time is a tough one, always has been for me anyway. I LOVE Christmas, always have and always will but I also fall into depression and anxiety quite badly around this time of year. I think it’s because my mind does not want me to be happy and enjoy what is happening. What a fucker.

It is a tough time of year, and that’s okay! It is okay to not be bouncing off the walls, going out and getting merry because you would rather stay in and chill out and look after yourself. It’s okay to still be sad when you’re almost expected to be happy ‘because it’s Christmas’. 

I have one thing to say in this moment and that is to let go of the pressure of Christmas. Enjoy yourself as much as you can, but don’t force yourself to just because of what Christmas is. No one is expecting you to have no mental illness for the holidays, that’s not physically possible. You’re doing just fine! 

This is a tough time of year as well if you suffer or have suffered from an eating disorder. I look back at times from previous years at Christmas and I’ve definitely stopped myself from enjoying it as much as I’d like to because I was listening to my anorexia. I would not eat any Christmas treats and be put off food completely. I’m not a massive eater anyway, so every Christmas is still a tough time for me even when I am recovered from my eating disorder – but some things stick! 

This is when you should look out for your support during this time, your nurses or therapists should provide you with emergency support over the Christmas period and use it if you need to! Like I said, it is a tough time and THAT IS OKAY.


  • Take time to yourself when needed and don’t feel bad for doing so – Christmas is all about family, friends and socialising for most of us and this means that anxiety levels can be sky high. If this is the case, take some time away…if you’re at a friends house just take a moment outside, that’s okay! If you are at home then take some time out in your room for 10 minutes to collect your thoughts and bring yourself back round to the present. 
  • Remember that you are okay whatever happens – If it is so overwhelming at this time, remember you’ve got through every other Christmas and even every other day before. You were okay then and you are going to be okay now too. 
  • Drink sensibly – Of course people like a drink at Christmas but its good to remember your limits. Too much alcohol can trigger depression and anxiety tremendously, so look after yourself! 
  • ASK FOR HELP – and don’t be ashamed for doing so, your family, friends and loved ones are there to help and there are services to help you too throughout the season. I would recommend having the Samaritans number saved in your phone as they are open all year round, including Christmas day – 116 123

To conclude, I want you to have the best time you can allow yourself to have but don’t give in to the pressure. You do you! 

Shannon x 


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