My Hair Dilemma.

Hellloo! Been a while hasn’t it, but quite frankly I’ve been enjoying doing absolutely nothing – oops. But something I did do was BLEACH MY HAIR.

Okay, I’ve wanted to dye my hair blonder for a really long time and after much consideration I was like screw it let’s bleach my hair. So off I went to Boots and I purchased some products from ‘Bleach London’. Total Bleach, White Toner and the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner (click for prices).

So I’m not a massive risk taker especially when it comes to my hair so this was a massive risk, my plan was to use Bleach Londons colours on my hair and be super cool – I’m not by any means cool in any way so THAT’S A DIFFICULT TASK.

It went so bright as you can see above. So, so bright. Almost too bright, I was shocked because it looked so damn weird! And in that moment I was like NOPE, and there I hibernated until I went to the hairdressers on Monday to sort an appointment for today (Wednesday). I was comparing myself to Eminem in his Slim Shady days, the sun, the light at the end of the tunnel and my yellow kitchen walls. In some lights it looked really nice and white it was cool!

There’s no denying it’s a sweet product, it goes on so well and leaves your hair feeling super nice which after reading a lot about other bleaches this is a massive plus of the product! It just didn’t look cool on me, I’m not cool enough to pull off the grunge look Bleach London give off, although I very much wish I was. But if you’re looking to buy it and try it then go for it! You can always dye it back, which is what I’ve done. I’ll continue to use Bleach London’s reconstruction mask, it is unreal, so nice!

Today I got it dyed back to almost my natural colour/a little bit darker and it’s showing me that actually I might like it a little darker all the time it makes my skin look clear, is that weird?

I feel SO much better now and I’m out of my 5 day long hibernation that went on with my light bulb hair, haha! 
Have you ever bleached your hair and it not turned out the way you wanted?! Let me know, this has been a disastrous week! 

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