My New Etsy Store – VICIOUS PRINTS!

Hiiiiii everyone! 

Been a while but here I am with a new Etsy store selling watercolour typography prints! 

‘Original prints to offend your pals’ and that is exactly what they are – ranging from ‘You’re a Cunt’ to ‘I Donut Like You’. 

As you know Mental Health is a subject so very close to my heart so I also have a Mental Health range, ‘Fuck Off Depression’ and ‘Fuck Off Anxiety’ these can be purchased separately or as a pack. 25% of the price is donated to the Mental Health charity ‘MIND’ – I know this is something you may all be interested in because it is always satisfying to help others. 

There’s a couple of prints for the ones you luuuuuuuv, the ‘I Dig You’ print is one of my faves, I want to make that in to a card one day. I really would love to get them all made into cards because nothing says HAPPY BIRTHDAY like ‘you’re a twat’ amiright. 

I would really love to get some more prints painted for everyone so if you’re interested check out the store, click HERE! 

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Thanks a lot and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them, until next time xxxx 

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