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Hey everyone! 
I did a little poll on Twitter to see what post you’d like to see next and you wanted a post on my tattoos. I have a few and actually rediscovered a post I did back in 2014 on my first two little tattoos – I totally forgot I did that post!
Well since then I’ve had five new tattoos and I thought I’d talk through them and why I got them and why I love them all individually so much, let’s go… 
Watercolour Heart

So, this is my little water colour heart on my inner right arm. I actually got this tattoo with my mum, we got a matching tattoo it’s adorable! I love water colour tattoos and I want my whole right arm to be colourful and my left arm to be black and grey. But anyway, this tattoo is so important just because I share it with my mum it’s out little thing together and it means the world that I can share something forever with my mum. 

Watercolour Umbrella

This sounds EMO AF, but, I just bloody love the rain. I really do, I love going for walks in the rain, I love sitting in my room and listening to the rain. It’s my favourite and I wanted a tattoo on my body to represent that. This is so cute and goes so well with my heart which is just underneath it. I want to add some more seasonal/weather inspired tattoos on my upper arm to kind of go with this. 


This is probably my least favourite if I’m honest…oops. I’m going to get this added to, it’s on my arm with my watercolours so I think I want some colour added. I literally got this done at the same time as the heart just because I felt like it. It was meant to represent me being free and letting go but to be honest I didn’t think about it enough, I really want to add more to it to represent what it was truly meant to. It actually just looks like a sperm, so maybe I’ll just say it’s to remember the time before I was born, right? 

Pinky Promise

For my 21st Birthday my best friends got me a tattoo voucher so I wanted to get something for them. That’s why I got a little pinky promise tattoo, I wanted them to know that I promise to be their friend forever and that they mean the world to me. I love this one purely for that reason! Probably my most painful one but it was worth it. That 21st birthday present was my favourite of that year and I get to keep it with me forever, and I get to keep that promise to my friends. 


OKAY SO, this is now my absolute favourite! I literally got this done on Wednesday. Tuesday night I was like “Cor I fancy a tattoo” so I emailed my studio that I go to and they got me in on Wednesday. 

The reason for this is firstly, I want a lot of floral tattoos, I want my whole left arm to be covered in flowers really. But the other reason is that on the day of my Grandads funeral all I seemed to see was Daffodils, everywhere! I kept looking around in the car up to the funeral and on the way back and they were all I saw. From that moment I was like, I want a god damn effing Daffodil. I have a plan for a tattoo for both my Grandads so this isn’t the ‘official’ remembrance tattoo for him but it means a heck of a lot. I love it so much. 
That’s it for now! Plenty more planned and I am STOKED. Share with me below or on Twitter your tattoos, I’d love to see them! 
Until next time, 


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