New Things…

Hello everyone! 
Long time no blog post…
I’ve had a funny few months, ups and downs, the usual in the land of Shannon. But if you were not aware I have created a brand new YouTube channel! Exciting stuff. 
I launched it a couple of weeks ago to talk all things Mental Health. From my journey to yours, the ins and outs, things you may not have known and things you know all too well. I wanted to bring the topic of mental health into the lives of people around me. I am surrounded by people who are very open to mental health, luckily! However, so many others are not and I am all for speaking up and talking about the issue. 
My first video was an introduction into the channel, what will be coming and what I have been through (in short) you can watch that below: 
My second video which went up last week was all about health anxiety which I have written about many a time on my blog: 
I am so so so so so excited for this new little path and it is something I have wanted to do FOREVER and it’s taken a lot of guts to finally do it.
The Channel is ‘Shannon Talks’ and talking is what Shannon shall do!
While I’m here on the topic of new things, the most beautiful brand Old English Company have a new  Enamel Pin Collection here! So many cute little pins for all your pin needs…I particularly like to have a little pin on my pinafores – just adds a cute touch! 
To go with the new pins they are having a competition over on their website here to win a set of sweet pins – the winner is picked on the 30th May! 
I’m going to go and get myself some new pins to flaunt in my new youtube videos so I can be all cute and pin-ny… 
Until next time sweets x 

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