October Favourites.

Hello! It’s the 5th November, Bonfire Night but I thought I would share with you the things I have favoured in the past month or so.

Starting with fashion my favourite item that I purchased last month was this super cute heart print, short sleeved shirt from Topshop (£32)! I am literally in love with this shirt, it looks cute with anything – jeans, shorts or a cute cardigan. I just love how Topshop has clearly been inspired by Burberrys range of heart print shirts which have been seen on Harry Styles and Victoria Beckham throughout the year. Although it’s in the store this season I think I’ll be wearing it all year round, it’s a timeless piece of clothing.

Another item I’ve loved from Topshop (£65) is my new winter coat, it’s very cute! It’s just lovely with a nice pair of flat boots and frilly socks. Everyone needs a decent winter coat don’t they? And I saw this and fell in love, I’ve had a wax jacket from Topshop for the last 3 years and really wanted a change and this just caught my eye! 
Okay so Starbucks is the best coffee shop for their seasonal drinks, everyone loves a good Christmas drink in a red cup from Starbucks but this Autumn they released 2 drinks – the pumpkin spiced latte 
and my favourite, the salted caramel hot chocolate. Holy cow, that salted caramel hot chocolate was my one true love this October, I could have happily had one every single day. I haven’t visited Starbucks since last week because I am worrying that they’ve said goodbye to it as the red cups have come in, I simply cannot go in there and have the heartache of realising it’s gone. If you didn’t try it then you really did miss out! 
Now onto make up, I’m not much of a make up wearer and if I do wear it I only ever do it in a natural way. Never ever come near me with an eyeliner because I will slap it out of your hand, I am just not that kind of girl and never have been. However, I am a massive fan of Rimmel and their make up and nail varnishes, that and Maybelline in my opinion are the best make up products on the high street. Anyway! This month I picked up a few things from Rimmel and they’ve been my favourite on days when I feel like I should put a little on or on nights out. 
I’ve had the concealer for most of the year now (£3.99 Boots) and it’s just the best one I’ve had, it goes on really nicely and underneath foundation and powder it just works really well. The Rimmel 1000 kisses lip tint (£5.99 Boots) is just really subtle and nice, I never like anything too overpowering so that is really nice for me and it’s in the colour Endless Blossom. The Stay Matte foundation goes on really well, although don’t put a lump on your hand expecting to use it all because you really do not need a lot, I learnt the hard way and ended up having to take it all off because it was just a disaster. I have it in Ivory and it was £5.99 from Boots. The powder is literally the only powder I will ever use and I got it so long ago that I have no idea how much it cost! But as you can see, I really like Rimmel make up. 
So, what were you October favourites, do you like anything I’ve spoken about? Let me know in the comments below. 
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Bye! x 

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