One Direction – This Is Us

So, today I went to the cinema to see One Directions 3D movie ‘This Is Us’. It was a film for fans of One Direction and a film for those who are not, but by the end of it you definitely would have a different perception of the boys.

The movie was part concert 3D footage and part documentary, both very enjoyable to watch. I laughed, smiled and cried my way through it (yes, there are emotional parts – when parents cry, I cry).

Now I thought I knew exactly what Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn were like, I thought I knew everything about their personalities but even this made me learn even more about who they were, what they were like behind everything, the real them. We all see what the media shows us, the majority of fans see that in more depth, but this goes somewhat deeper. There was a part which showed Harry saying that he doesn’t like the term ‘famous’ and for me that emphasised how normal this boy is, how he  hasn’t changed at all because of what he’s been thrown into. Then another thing about the film that made me really smile was how they all get along like brothers, they love each other and it’s so nice to see and I never even doubted that before the film anyway but a lot of bands just get on with the job and don’t bond but not these guys, they are each others rocks and they would be nothing without each other.

If you want to laugh, enjoy the music and just see a nice documentary of 5 lovely boys then go and watch it even if you detest everything they’re about. 100% worth it.

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