Positive Tuesdays: (Not on a Tuesday) Weeks Five and Six.

Hiiiiiii! Yes, I understand it’s actually Friday and I haven’t done one of these in 2 weeks now but hey, I’m now a student and I have things to do, people to see, Doritos to eat.

It’s been a mad couple of weeks, I’ve been finally settling in after week four of ‘Positive Tuesdays’  and it now kinda feels like home here in my little bedroom in London with my flatmates who already feel like family. We can just talk about anything and everything, I love it.

Okay so here are all the good things that have been happening… last week my best friends India and Damian got engaged!!! We’ve literally all waited for this moment for years, they are the glue to our group and this was just an absolutely lovely thing to have happened. I nearly cried when we got told in the morning and I’m honestly so happy for them, all the congratulations in the world to them!

Last week I partied a bit, ate many Doritos, done some stuff…you know, the normal student stuff.

This week I actually started University and it’s so overwhelming and scary, I’m trying to be as positive as I can and think of all the good things that are to come but deep down I’m like nope, I cannot do this and I think I’m just totally scaring myself to the point where I feel turning into a tortoise and hibernating would be the better option – BUT I’M NOT HERE TO BE NEGATIVE SO IGNORE THAT.

It’s been a very hectic, scary but fun couple of weeks and it’s given me a taster of what’s to come for the next 3 years, being a fresher is cool, cooking my own dinner is cool, washing my own clothes is also pretty cool. I keep forgetting I’m in my most favourite city in the whole world, so I think I should definitely stop taking that for granted as of this moment.

How has your week been?! Let me know, I’d really love to hear!

Until next Tuesday (I promise I’ll get back on track) ((Actually, don’t hold me to that))

x x

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