Positive Tuesdays, they’re back!

Oh my god HI. I’m bringing back Positive Tuesdays, if you were about in my Uni days you’ll know all about these. Have a look here, there’s loads!

I enjoyed doing this, let me fill you in on the dealio with these. Every Tuesday I will look back on the week I’ve had and pick out all the good things, it’s a day of positive reflection. A moment to focus on the good and forget any of the bad and document it to look back on when I need to! I loved doing it back when I was struggling at university.

It did help, it helped slightly then however I feel now as I am well into my recovery and getting better that these will help me so much more! Please join in, use the hashtag #PositiveTuesdays on Twitter and label your posts with it, I’d love to read what’s been happening with your week and all the good stuff that’s made you happy! I love to reflect on all the funny, weird things that have happened to and believe me on planet Shannon there’s a lot.

I hope this sounds like a good idea to other people? I know I’m so stoked to be bringing it back! Shannon 1 – 0 Mental Health.

Anyway, MY WEEK. What’s been happening?! Well, we’ve gone into our second week of living in our brand new lovely house ahhhhh – my first homeware haul was put up last week so check that out if you’d like!

The Great British Bake Off started again and me and Ry were stoked so we made banana bread – or attempted to – with the left over bananas in the house. We had no scales, Ryan aka Paul Hollywood thought oh no it’s fine we’ll just measure FLOUR WITH A SPOON. We only used two table spoons, the banana bread came out sludgey and looked like a slab of pork. The more I think about it the more I want to gag and fall into a hole and live there forever but we tried. Our first baking experience in the house was not a great success but at least we enjoyed it? Haha.

Honestly, not a lot has happened this week, I’ve hung out with my family and my puppers a few times so that’s been GREAT. Look at them, they’re adorable! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Well, that’s it my return to Positive Tuesdays, let me know if you join in I’d love to see some more posts! 


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