Positive Tuesdays: Week Eight.


Once again, I’ve not been in the best state of mind ever but I’m taking steps to make it better – working on CBT skills I once learnt and just generally looking after (or trying) myself. I’ll get there eventually, I must keep that mentality up!

The past week has held some good times mind you and of course, it’s Positive Tuesday I’m going to share all of those things with you!

You know, happiness is all about the little things isn’t it? Well, my flat mate and I ordered our first university Dominos and it was absolutely beautiful. Things like that are truly the most wonderful moments, anything that involve pizza is wonderful of course.

I also met up with my friends Georgia and Libby and it was the first time I’ve seen Libby in MONTHS. So that was super nice as together we are #Shibby, get to know that. I always love seeing friends who I haven’t seen in a while and the friendships where you don’t see each other all the time but when you do it’s like you’ve never been away, those are the best friendships! 
Friday came and it was World Mental Health day so I went on a super long walk which involved Starbucks, pretty trees and cute puppies… you can read about that here. Oh, but a gypsy lady tried to sell me some of those little flowery things and I swiftly said no but now I think she might have cursed me, but never mind. 

Saturday was one day I probably don’t think is worthy of positivity but then again it was quite nice, I aimed to meet Ansel Elgort… you know the giant (literal giant, he’s 6’3 -ultimate swoon-) dream boat from The Fault In Our Stars. Well, that totally failed but I had mozzarella sticks and spent the day with one of my favourite friends Vanessa and made a few news friends too! So that was really lovely despite  being cold for 9 hours, the lack of food and the hurt bum bone the next day. 
(As I write this I’m realising what a good week I had and all the negativity is seeming really horrible and irrelevant and I really should learn how to focus on these positive things, wow.) 

On Sunday we had a spontaneous flat dinner which consisted of Chinese and potato wedges, but I was reminded how much I hate Chinese food so no thank you chicken balls, you will not be entering my mouth any time soon. Then we all joined together in my bedroom to watch ‘The House Bunny’ and we’ve decided that Sundays are now dinner and movie flat nights, isn’t that just the cutest?! 
And finally, yesterday was cool! (despite all my crappy ongoing anxieties, but nope we won’t talk about that). I was meant to be going to a gig in Camden but I wasn’t feeling it so I splurged out on a ticket for Ed Sheeran at the O2 and it was AMAZING. He is honestly so talented, he never fails at putting on a good show and it’s literally just him up there…how does he do it, he’s amazing. It was kind of cool, I had to go to an event for my university work and then write up a report (you can read that here, it’s my university website, oh I’m so official now) and it was cool to watch a boy from Suffolk sing a sold out show to 20,000 people, see him live his dream while I was doing something to contribute to my dream – I was writing notes through the show for my report, what have I become. 
This post really has got me thinking about how thankful and happy I should be, oh silly mind. This has been a good week, full of positivity.
How has yours been? I would LOVE to know so leave a comment below! 


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    What a sweet blog! I've just followed you. I love the angle you took here, I find that it's important we embrace the little things too.

    Please check out my blog, it's part of my uni assignment where I'm marked on engagement. It offers advice for stressed out students and graduates and how to maintain a healthy balance at such a young age. I would really appreciate it if you left a comment on what you think!!


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