Positive Tuesdays: Week Four – UNIVERSITY.


As you can see in the title this one is about the thing I’ve been going on about for months and months, my good thing for the week is that I am finally at University!

I moved on Saturday, I actually did it. On Friday I had the biggest wobble of all, even contemplating not moving at all and just giving up before I’d given it a chance and I stayed in bed all day when I had jobs to do before leaving but I couldn’t face doing anything because that meant everything was real and it was actually happening, very scary. But I did it, my dad packed the car up and him and my mum took me down to London and here I am, 4 days later and it’s like I’ve been here for ages.

I’ve met so many lovely people, my flat mates are ace and it’s all just been super natural! I never thought I’d start conversations, I was super nervous about going out drinking but I did it and it’s been hilarious and just so fun. With all my anxieties still here I’m working through them because I just have to.

My room is huge, I feel like I need to buy furniture to fill it up and make it more like home but I don’t know where to start and I should probably prioritise buying food instead of furniture…

My cute little bed. 

I still feel like I need to make it more homely, but my pin board is looking pretty cute so far! 
So yeah, it’s been quite hard in some respects but all in all, rather fun! 
How has your week been?! Let me know I’d love to hear! 

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