Positive Tuesdays: Week Nine.

Busy, busy week full of cool things and lots to be positive about despite my ongoing sadness and general feeling of being bummed out that is currently happening…I feel a blog post is necessary about all of this because I feel like I’m doing these Positive Tuesdays for no reason personally just lately, I’ve had a hard time. But no, I must definitely recognise the good things so I shall continue with these posts and hope that I can influence anyone who reads it! I want to show that even in the darkest of times there are things to be happy about and there are good things that happen even when it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s begin…

So on Tuesday I went to see one of my favourite bands – The Vamps! You can read about it here! Such a good evening, truly felt good that night and I mean who wouldn’t feel good if Brad Simpson was thrusting on stage…come on. And I also saw my parents that day and that was lovely, I’m going home this weekend too so it’s just always great to see them I miss them a lot more than I did in the first couple of weeks (sorry mum and dad, I was busy eating doritos and stuff) but now there is a massive mum and dad shaped hole in my heart that needs filling daily, so I’m missing them crazy amounts.

The Vamps – Hammersmith.
I finally watched The Breakfast Club last week too, that was cool. I have decided to appreciate the little things in life like cool TV shows and movies, yeah sure, don’t waste your life watching television and stuff like that, but I LIKE to watch TV shows if they’re good and they’re going to make me happy, and I like to spend hours of my life watching movies if they are also going to make me happy so screw you society I’ll go outside and run and shit when I feel like it. 
Friday arrived and so did Libby, YAS SHIBBY. She came bearing 5SOS related gifts and it was all very sweet and made me feel comforted and happy for the first time in a while, you truly need your friends sometimes and this weekend was one of those times. 
That night Libby, our friend Georgia and I got tickets to go and watch the filming of Stand Up To Cancer which was on Channel 4, it was a super cool night there was loads of celebrities but more importantly we saw stories of amazing people who are unfortunately suffering from cancer. It was heartbreaking. But it also made me see life in a different way, things like that always do and it was inspirational.
Saturday arrived and Libby and I were knackered and bummed around London, didn’t achieve much at all. Then I weirdly met Nick Jonas, literally I did NOT feel welcome to Disney Channel but whatever it was an experience haha. 
Finally, the last decent thing from the last week was the Teen Awards on Sunday. Yep, I’m 2 years over the age limit but I DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES. It kinda sucked, 5SOS cancelled and I had to watch the likes of Ella Henderson and Ariana Grande before I could actually get to the band I was there for who of course was The Vamps, they smashed it as per. Brad was beauts and I was sweaty.
A very interesting and busy week, my mind has been busy as well as my physical self. Ah, life. 
How was your week? Please let me know, I’d love to hear! 

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