Positive Tuesdays: Week One.

Hello! Yup, here I am with a new weekly ‘segment’ if you will. I just want to bring positivity to my life and yours, I wish I had that power… I don’t. But I hope I can just simply contribute to your journey to happiness as I would like to go upwards on mine!

The point of this is for me to talk about something good (or multiple things) that has happened in the past week, since last Tuesday. Even if it was the tiniest thing, something super simple, if it makes me feel good then I will write about it and I want you to do the same, you can comment below or just simply think about it and smile.

I feel like a super cheese ball doing something like this but screw it, I like to be happy and I like it when others are happy so let’s do this, let’s make this a ‘thing’.

So, I haven’t done a lot the past week but I did bump into an old best pal of mine. I’ve known her since primary school and haven’t properly seen her since we left school, oblivious to what each other had been doing in the past 3 years we bumped into each other in town and it genuinely made me happy for the whole day! It brought back so many funny memories for me, in high school we’d always have such a laugh, even in primary school but that was a pretty long time ago! There was a time in high school when we had an obsession with Daim bars, we’d eat like 3 a day and if we didn’t then that day absolutely sucked. One lunch time she lost one and she was convinced I’d stolen it, this little tiff went on all lunch time and I was adamant I didn’t steal the damn Daim bar, it was a true conspiracy. We walked up to a lesson and she found it in her pocket the little poop and our whole lunch was tense because of one little Daim bar but you had to be there. Regardless, this made my whole week! Just seeing an old friend can make you so happy, it’s so nice to see people you care about doing well!

I also went out with my friend Corinna in town and we partied hard and felt it the next day so that was fun too.

What’s been good for you this week? Anything made you smile a lot? Let me know in the comments and let’s spread the positivity, let’s get on a road to happiness and not slip off from this moment onwards!


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